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Tie it up, shoot it up, bang your head and throw it up!

you can't put your arm around a memory

The Lonely-Planet Boy
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This is a community dedicated to Johnny Thunders. This is a place for all of his biggest fans to join and discuss anything related to the legend himself.

I was searching for a Johnny Thunders community on Live Journal and when I discovered that such a thing didn't exist, I felt I had to step in and create a place for all of us to gather.


1. Each post must be somehow related to Johnny. (New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, lyrics, songs, how you were inspired by Johnny, etc.) If I don't feel that your post is relavant to the community, it will be deleted.

2. STAY ACTIVE! Because this community is solely dedicated to one thing, it is easy for it to die off and fade away; I won't let that happen! You can help by simply staying active with frequent posts, comments, etc. This is an essential way to keep Johnny's spirit alive.

3. Be kind and respectful to fellow members. Simple as that; there's no need for bickering.

Introductory Post:

For your first post please post your name, age, and location. Also include how long you've been a fan, why you love Johnny, how he's affected your life, and a picture of Thunders. Feel free to post other information about yourself that could help us to get to know you, but it's not mandatory.
I hope you all enjoy this place as much as I do!

Thunders Lives!

Moderator: _looksthatkill_
E-mail: johnny_thunders_is_god@yahoo.com