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I've been watching this community for aggges... but never joined til now so... 
Hi, I'm Emily. I just turned seventeen in January and I'm from Sydney, Australia.

Let me see... I've been a fan for about three years I guess (not real long I know, but whay can I say.). 
I love Johnny because I really enjoy his music, I find I can relate to alot of things he sings about it, which is pretty important. Also he was really so good, playing excellent guitar with so little technicality. He didn't care what anyone thought about him and I admire that. But I suppose the only thing he compromised for was drugs, which is sad.

I guess he's affected my life to a degree because before I discovered him (or any meaningful music for that matter), I was very bored and didn't really have much in the way of creative outlets.
In a way I adopted a sense of smug superiority when I got into Thunders which sounds awful, but it can make you feel good about yourself when you're kind of, you know, alone in a crowd so to speak. I guess I felt alienated from the others. So it kind of felt like, even though it wasn't a current thing, I liked some music and scene that no other kid in my whole school liked or knew about and consequently in a way I thought I was better than them.
Haha. I suppose it was a bit of a silly mindset in retrospect. 
: )
Anyway, excellent community, thanks for making it! 
There's a photo of JT at Max's.

'lobster, chick peas!!'
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